Like most women , the dream of actress , Lota Chukwu , aka Kiki in Jenifa ’s Dairy , is to be a size 10 .Though she is not out of shape, the fear thatshe could grow fat someday made her take a bold step .

Speaking in a current interview, Kiki stated that she started yoga at a point in her life when she was struggling to shed some weight .She said , “ I enjoy yoga because it helps meto stay in shape and it also helps to relax mymind .I exercise a lot and I also pay attention to what I consume , when and how I consume such food . ”Being a pretty lady , she stated that she could not stop men from showing interest in her .

 “Like I always say , it’ s normal for men to make advances at me, but where it goes from there is what the problem is .I’ ve been able to make friends with a lot of male folks and this has helped me to handle men , ” she said .The actress also revealed that she doesn ’ t like to dwell on challenges .

“ How we overcome challenges is what defines us .I always put God first and I try not to think too much of any situation . I just do my best and leave the rest to God . I have no regrets.I try as much as possible to learn from my mistakes and move on with my life. I give my best at every chance I get and that is always enough for me , ”

Kiki added.While it is believed that Jenifa ’ s Dairy introduced her to the world , she attributed her rise to all the works she has done in her career.“ I will attribute my success so far to every work that I’ ve done .