1. Full name= Paul ogbe
2. Nickname/Stage name=P flex
3. Date of birth= 30 September 1991
4. Tribe= Idoma
5. Origin= Benue state
6. Occupation (Singer, Rapper, Dj, Producer,...)= Producer/
7. Genres= Gospel and life music
8. Year Active= 2011-till date
9. Record Label= Flavor Music+ still searching
10. Place of birth= Benue state
11. Where you grow up= Niger state
12. Educational background (Primary, Secondary and
Tertiary School with year & course)= Primary school=
Police children school minna= 1997-- 2003
Secondary School= Zarumai model school minna- 2002--
Obeya memorial school ugwu okpoga-20011
Niger stat college of Education minna-2013-- 2016
13. List of most of your songs/songs you produce (with
year)= 1, The way He make me feal- 2010
2, Twale Baba God-- 2011
3, Glory be- 2012
4, I see heaven 2014
5, Sa ah- 2015
6, Agaba- 2016
7, Tomorrow far- 2017
8, Egbe jesu ga- 2017+ many more not listed
14. Events you performed in (with year)= 1, MX finest
2, Niger state festival of music- 2015
3, ANight with the King(Glory arena Christian center
4, C.A.N Musical concert,- 2016
5, Friday jibo music Lunch. Gospel malam 2016
College of Education music concert -2016+ many more
not listed
15. Awards (with year)= 1, Niger state mx finest art 2013
2, C.O.E minna ultimate fm award. BEST MUSICAL artist
of the year- 2016
Celebrities you are associated with= 1, Chris morgan
2, friday jibo
3, E Daniel
4, Fred daniel
5, Mark Frank
6, Apostle Paul
16. Little about your life and background= I am from the
ogbe obeya family of okpokwu Benue state, I have 4
wonderful siblings 2 boys and 2 girls ( PETER.
Catholic Christian. An inspirational and sensational gospel
music Artist. And I love Good music.
17. Any other info not listed above. I love to play
basketball. I love traveling and meeting people. I love
helping people.