She looked toward brighter days
Even when no one encouraged
She picked courage in her faith ,when no one will stay,   she lifted her hands in praise
Unto the lord she gives praise
For she know that one day she will smile
The lord will wipe away tears from her eyes
A mother who cares allways there
She may not have all
But she answer the call
An instrument in GOd s hand
From above she was sent

Beautiful woman
She lends a helping hand
Loving and caring
For all arround her world
She s a beautiful woman
Endures to the end
She s  blessed and she will lend to all arround her world

Obirin to dara
Obirin to lewa
Obirin to niwa
She fears the lord.2×

All the beautiful woman them
I respect you
Cos i remember my mama
She was good i can never deny
My GOd reward with plenty plenty things
A very very good wife
She dey do
She was to my very good papa

All the thanks to God allmighty for giving me a very beautiful woman