On the journey of educating the Girl_child on the disadvantages of certain social vices and the advantages of being disciplined,we have grown to understand that there are initiating factors that affect the girl child therefore forcing her and encouraging her through the wrong path.
     Factors such as peer pressure;As growing ladies,who wants to fit into a certain group and do things which an ordinary teenager wouldn’t do,the pressure becomes nearly unbearable and this coupled with the teenagers inferiority complex most at times lead to disasters. A 17year old shared her story
“Because my parents didn’t have the capacity to look after me,i was pushed to the street at a very tender age. my perfect curves which was supposed to be a blessing became a curse. At age 14 i was raped at home ,I was raped yo the extent that forced sex became pleasurable to me,then the pressure to fit into and be accepted by my clique made me do unbelievable things which I was already used to anyway…At this tender age i had to hustle for my younger ones ‘do anything possible to feed them,they are your responsibility now’ my relatives said to me as my parents died.
I thought this was the real pleasure until i came in contact with Misspowers Foundation,they taught me on sex education,sexual hygiene,taught me on how to survive without selling my body and to keep my head high as a queen. I never knew the meaning of family and protection until i met the Misspowers Foundation.    This is a foundation created to ensure that every Girl_child is reached and helped.we have come together to build a better world by empowering the girls,,,,, u can like us on face book @misspowers foundation or email us MISSPOWERSFOUNDATION@GMIAL.COM