10 interesting facts:

1. Ajaeze has counted to infinity twice so far

2. Before he left to go to college, Ajaeze consoled his father and told him, “you are the man of the House now”.

3. Time waits for no man (except Ajaeze)

4. Ajaeze can divide by zero

5. Ajaeze’s tears cure infectious diseases around the world.

6. Ajaeze does not style his hair… It falls perfectly into place out of respect

7. Ajaeze can slam a revolving door

8. When in Rome, people do what Ajaeze does.

9. Behind every great man, there’s a woman. Behind every woman, there is Ajaeze serenading her with smooth vocals through his mask.

10. It is said that looking into Ajaeze’s eyes will reveal your future.

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