Following the successful release of Scorpion,Drake’s “In My Feelings” challenge has been taking the Internet my storm — and it isn’t stopping.It takes wading through 20 songs of self-mythologizing and catty Kanye West subson Scorpion to get to “In My Feelings,” but there’s no longer any question in my mind that it’s the best song off Drake’s latest creative purge.

This is only sort of because of how close it is to being narrative- and context-free, provided you don’t do any internet sleuthing about who this “Kiki” is, and why Drake is worried about whether or not she loves him/is riding.In the same vein as “Nice for What,” “In My Feelings” is an infectious bounce-adjace record, coproduced by New Orleans native BlaqNmilD and Cleveland producer TrapMoneyBenny with dancing specifically in mind.