Blac Youngsta taps Lil Pump for "Ight."

Blac Youngsta resents the idea that a heteronym loses its inherent value once it's been proven incorrect. The resident "Hip Hopper" doesn't give a hoot about spelling, in fact he may never wear a seat belt again, but goodness gracious is it good to have him back in the fold. On "Ight" Lil Pump acknowledges that he may very well "break his liver" if he continues sipping lean, but it'll all even out with a little physical therapy, so he hopes. 
While Blac Youngsta offers his guest all the amenities you would a visiting monarch. "Ight" is essentially densely packed with all the big budget amenities his allowance could support: Tay Keith production and a feature from a teenager with all the market share in the world.  Fuck Everybody 2 is available everywhere overgrown kids go to stream content. The 10-track mixtape features the aforementioned Tay Keith x Pump collab, as well as contributions from Pac Man, TNT, Yung Lan, and many others.