MG: Can we meet you sir?
Alawaye: My name is Prince Segun Adediran popularly known as ALAWAYE
The ceo Alawaye New Era Ltd.

MG: How long have you been acting?
Alawaye: For over 25 years

MG: How many actor have you collaborated with?
Alawaye: I've acted alongside with many movie star like kemi Afolabi, Ibrahim chatta, Olaiya Igwe, Regina Chukwu, Tunbosun Odunsi, Mide F. Martins........

MG: What is Alawaye New Era all about?
Alawaye: New era as its name depicts is a company that market film,  promote artiste, produce film and also into filming equipment rental.

MG: Apart from movie production,  what else does era does?
Alawaye: New era isnt limited to movie production alone,  we are also into marketing, promotion, discovering of upcoming stars, we are also into rental services of filming equipments such as;camera, generator, sound systems etc

MG: How many movie has new era produced?
Alawaye: (smile) Quite a number,  Movies like Folashade, Nnkan kekere, Beyioku, oko ore mi, Talo l'omo, Nene, Asiko Esan,  etc. where we have actors like Alawaye himself, Olaiya Igwe, Biodun Okeowo and Murphy Afolabi,  Ibrahem Chatta, Tola Oladokun. Taofeek Adewale Digboluja, and many others and lastly Jaforie which will be storming the town soon.

MG: What movie made new era popular?
Alawaye: Asiko Esan

MG: Can u tell us little about the coming movie "Jaforie" and what we should expect?
Alawaye: Expect the best because the actors  have put in all their best to make the movie a success. The movie is all about whats right and whats not.

MG:Where can we buy your films?
ALAWAYE: EU shop 10, army arena shopping complex, Bolade Oshodi, Lagos. Also at Shop 26, 33, 34 Rayop shopping complex, Airport junction Alakia, Ibadan.
You can also watch and download our films in youtube at ALAWAYE TV on you tube expect us soon on startimes.

Contact: 08144063011