Even my existence is a great testimony. Being in God till this moment and still relevant is a great testimony. HE has promised the fulfillment of glory ahead and another year of more great testimonies, and twenty thousand and nice things for me and all my good wishers. For this reasons, Damilare Adeleke (piccolo) come up with another praise and inspired dancing song "TESTIMONY" to share to the world. Once again, i say thank YOU JESUS with a powerful 2019 Hallelujah to the MOST HIGH for adding more value, blessings, good health and nice things to me.. Its my time, my day and my year of great testimonies.(AMEN)

Oluwa tise ohun gbogbo Timo bere fun
O damilare gbemileke my daddy E se
Seni ma ke jijo ope
Seni make korin iyin
Am gona turn around move around 
Gb'oruko Re ga

Verse 1
Ijo ope mi ma re o
Igba ope mi ma re o
Jesu sere komi o
Biribiri loyi kan mio
O gbemi leke loju ota mi
You take my pain my shame away (echo) 
No more delay ati gbemileke 
Glory glory to Your name 
All i have to say is thank You 
thank You Lord (chorus) 

Verse 2

You love me 
You gave me peace of mind
You turned my life around 
O muleri Re se
I wana love you everyday of my life 
Am gona praise your name
Nitoripe E se yeah yeah

(Call) Igba taye n'o titan 
(All)  Olorun sope sise ku 2x
(call) igba taye nio o pari
Aiye mi ti dara mojo moyo 
E bami yo
Aiye mi ti dara e bami yo
Mo sorire (chorus) 

Imele3x okaka
Imela chineke
Imela onyoma
(till fade)