Check out a brand new Exclusive interview with the UK based Nigerian Rap act, Mz J4zzie , Get Familiar with Your Favourite Afro Rap Queen.

 1. Can we meet you?
Of Course. I go by the name of Jasmine Remi – Ilori Aka Mz J4zzie. I am a UK based nigerian female rapper with a goal to take over the afro rap industry.
2. How long have you been doing music?
I have been in the music game for almost 2 years now and I am very satisfied with the progess i have made in the short amount of time as I have perfomed in over 25 shows, supported major acts including Not3s, Ms Banks and Tiwa Savage and have over 250,00 views in total on YouTube.
3. Is there any song out yet?
I have plenty of music out on youtube, apple music and spotify. My most recent song is an afro rap song c aleld Sho ready featuring Rapture Bada
4. Why did you choose music over other entertaining career?
I have passion for music. I have been interested in music ever since i was a child. Music also runs in the family, my mum sings and writes music and we hsve family members that are into music too.
5. What’s your greatest challenge as an artist?
My greatest challenge was building my confidence to the highest it can be which enabled me to progress and push to the stage that I am now and ignore any negativity or anybody telling me that I cannot do it.
6. Apart from music what else do you do (optional)?
I am a law graduate, a writer and i own businesses and property
7. Which celebrity are you looking up too?
I am inspired by Tupac, Nicki Minaj, Foxy Brown and  Tiwa Savage
8. Musically, where do you see yourself in the next 3years?
I see my self progressing from where I am now and hopefully known in a lot more countries
9. Are you signed under any record label?
I own a record label called R-I records and I am also an artist under my label with other artists including rapture bada and rapper sheggs
10. What message do you have for fast rising artist out there?
Keep pushing, keep motivated and never give up. If music is your passion and it is what is destined for you keep on going. It may get hard but it is possible for you to make it through the hard times and succeed. I will also say it takes a lot of sacrifice to be successful but they are temprorary sacrifices and once you succeed it will all be worth it.

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