MGnaijaCan we meet you Sir?
Kannor: My name is Kannor, rapper, photographer, day dreamer and night thinker.

MGnaija: How did you start Rapping?
Kannor: That should be when I was in JSS3 or thereabout, had much love for poetry and I was writing poems of my own, before I knew it I started making choruses for a class mate of mine who could rap and we formed a rap duo called "CreaTRO" meaning "Created To Rule Others". After secondary school, I started going for rap battles on radio/TV stations and the rest is history.

MGnaija: Why did you choose music?
Kannor: Because that's what I have a burning passion for and I am very good with words. So instead of wasting such an ability, I decided to utilize it to my best interest.

MGnaija: Your state of Origin Please?
Kannor: I'm from Delta State

MGnaija: Do you perform in shows?
Kannor: Yes I do

MGnaija: Have you any Colab?

Kannor: Yeah... I do have a couple of them and I'm hoping to have one with an A-list artiste soon.

MGnaija: Apart from music,what other thing are you professional at?

Kannor: I'm a skilled photographer. A product of Visual Diamond Film Academy, Surulere, Lagos.

MGnaija: Who is your mentor in the industry

Kannor: I cannot really pinpoint a particular person because we are all humans and we have our flaws. So if I go following the footsteps of a particular person, I may end up picking up his/her negative traits as well. What I do is I just pick up anything positive I find in any top gun in the industry and I'm good to go.

MGnaija:  What has been your greatest joy since you started music?

Kannor: Having people identify with my unique sound is a thing of joy for me. At least I can beat my chest and say if I'm rapping along with 100 rappers at the same time, you would easily identity Kannor from the crowd. That's a thing of joy for me

MGnaija: What has been your greatest Challenge since you started your music career?

Kannor: Publicity and finance I must say. You know music is a capital intensive pursuit. You have to pay the producer, publicist, video director, put on designer clothes, go for photoshoots and these things cost a whole lot of money I must admit and as for publicity, no matter your talent, without the right level of publicity you may find it very hard to blow.

MGnaija. Do you have any Album/Albums?
Kannor Not yet. Still dropping singles

MGnaija Are you under any Record Label?
Kannor No. Still an independent artiste

MGnaija. If you have the opportunity to feature a star artist,who would it be? 

Kannor This is a tough question for me o because I have a lot of them on my list.
Locally I'd say: Falz, Wizkid, Burnaboy, Simi, Adekunle Gold, Olamide and the rave of the moment Zlatan.
Internationally: Drake

MGnaijaDo you have any of your song featured on MGnaija?

Kannor Yes, my latest single "Buhari"

MGnaija. Make a quick shout out to your friends,fans and supporters:

Kannor I really appreciate you all for always being my backbone. I love you die!

MGnaija: Make a quick shout out to other artistes

Kannor Shout out to my producer, JohnnyFlex, he has really helped work on my sound and shout out to every talented artiste out there. Keep doing what you know how to do best, e go better.

MGnaija: How do your fans reach you on social media?

Kannor: My twitter and Instagram handle is @kingkannor. That is where I post all my LedkapChief Rap Videos