Soundcraft is thrilled to announce the release of the latest single "Make Am" from BBO and D'Praiz, available everywhere across all platforms.  

"Make Am" is a gospel and inspirational song of faith that re-emphasis how faith guides one through life and help overcome any form of difficulties. The singers share this message to their listeners to have a positive approach to life as believers. "Make Am" lets D'Praiz express his musical style and share what has given him strength.  

"Make Am" is a gospel song infused with flavors of rock and danceable vibes.
D'Praiz and BBO expertly lays the song in lyrics that convey faith and belief in a way that uplifts. The intention was to create a listening experience that is both enjoyable for a mass audience, and a deeply personal honest and reflexive of a day to day life... Make am... Soundcraft Empire ft D'Praiz & BBO