The most precious jewel  a man posses in his body is the "MIND"

Taking a vivid look and succinct scrutiny at the contemporary world we live in now; suicide, depression, rape and assault became a global problem because people's minds have been imprisoned, victims of oppression, degrading and inhuman feeling have a very low propensity of overcoming this present day and rampant global problem!!
The imprisoned mind track is a song for all depressed mind, thinking head, rape victims and victims of assault, degrading or inhuman feelings. Say to yourself there is hope! 
You have the right to be happy , you deserve to be happy, you deserve to be celebrated, you are a gem and a rare one at that!
Its a song with powerful lyrics...... Listen and testify...

 A free mind produces a free thought 

Be happy 
Be glad 
You re  great and important!!!

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