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Lavolta Entertainment is proud to announce the official release of the debut single from Lavolta Stars titled “Africa! Why?” Lavolta Stars are a group of artistes managed by Lavolta Entertainment and have opted through “Africa! Why?” to lend their support against the evil of Xenophobia which seems to be sadly becoming a deep-rooted problem in South Africa with South Africans turning their back against their fellow African brothers leading to the senseless loss of lives, mayhem, destruction of properties and reprisal attack from some other African countries. Lavolta Stars hope with this song, Africans and the human race, in general, will stop this senseless destruction and wanton waste of life, properties and humanity.
“Africa! Why?” is available for download on a range of digital stores worldwide such as iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, to mention just a few.
Download and Listen Below

DOWNLOAD MP3: Lavolta Stars - Africa! Why?