One of the greatest fears I had before and during my teenage years was the fear of pimples. I was "pimpophobic" (If that word exists!). The Biblical saying that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom is one that should be applied to all areas of live. The fear that we have about anybody or anything should make us wiser in our dealings and interactions.
Back then when I see the aftermaths of pimples on people's face and the tremendous efforts they engage in to fight it off, I am always like "Father Lord, spare me" but as an inquisitive child I searched and enquired if I could spare myself! Though one has to be very careful in the process of asking and looking for information because despite having access to a very large pool of information, there are lots of wrong ones that could misinform. 

While other sources would say it can be controlled and even prevented by watching what you eat - "Steer clear of groundnut and butter, don't eat this and don't eat that", my brothers and some others back then will tell me that there was no way a teenager can avoid pimples as it was a growing up ritual whether you eat those things or not and there were some that said it depends on the individual. There were lots of testimonies back then too - those who eat all those things and are still pimples-free and those who do not but are still pimples-full. The problem with conflicting information is that you will not know which one to follow, you either trust your instinct and pick one or you test run all.
"Wonderful! One of my greatest fear was something I could avoid by abstaining from groundnut and butter and some other things". I was glad as the first advice worked out atleast for sometimes because I played my part, I abstained as best as I could. But then when man becomes too comfortable, you know the rest - curiousity does kills the cat. I thought maybe my body chemistry is one without pimples so I fell in love with "èpà" (groundnut) and butter and the other goodies (forbidden fruits are always sweet). At last I resolved that when the pimples comes, I will find the cure. The consequences of our actions today may not show immediately, but they will surely show tomorrow no matter how little. Which is why many years past my teens, I couldn't be 'fresh boy no pimples' anymore (lol).
 I enjoyed the "fresh face" for some times before the street took over and with what I am noticing, it seems they are still doing rehearsals.

The above analogy on pimples can be likened to the problems we encounter in our lives and how our actions and inactions contribute to them.
Problems will surely come though we do not want them but most of the time we have a lot of information both right and wrong ones about them. We know what can cause them and what can be done to prevent them. So then we have a lot of choices, the choice is always ours! Choice to prevent them if we can or the choice to accept and deal with them later on. 
For students, failure is a problem. However, there is an abundance of information on the problem and what can be done to prevent or deal with it. So it is up to the person to act on the information and make the choice. So let us do our part which should be making the best/right choice then leave the rest to other external factors. It is never too late to turn around from a wrong choice too whenever we realize we have made one.
Remember, we are what we choose to be, we are the product of the choices we make.
Have a wonderful week, and a wonderful life.
© Oyelakin Oluwatomiwa Festus