It is a known fact that Ibadan is the home of many premier inventions, innovations and organizations, not just in Nigeria but in Africa as a whole. It is therefore not a surprise that the proprietors of a first of its kind online Television station named TV AFRIKANA, has decided to pitch their tents in the city where many prominent media organizations and media practitioners made their debut.

In a brief chat with the Operations Manager, Mr. Stephen Folorunsho, he explained that TV Afrikana is a result of several years of research, consultation and strategic planning involving some of the best brains in the Nigerian media space and some foreign media experts. He said despite the huge proliferation of media organizations in Africa, it is sad that none of these many media outfit has been able to change the age long narrative of how Africa is portrayed in the global media space. In his words, “Western world is not telling African stories in a way that will portray us as a continent with great prospect! What they do is to use their media to water down our potentials thereby making us look like a cursed people! Our aim at TV AFRIKANA is to use our media to project the African continent in a good light! We aim at changing perception of other race about us”.

When asked further how the organization plans to achieve this great and commendable feat, he assures us that they have it all planned and they will be employing known media strategies like Documentaries, News, Interviews, Entertainment, Sports and many others In African languages like Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo as well as popular lingua franca in Africa, especially English and French.

While commenting on the choice of Ibadan as their transmission base, Mr. Folorunsho believes that is one of the best decisions made by the Board and Management of Afrikana TV, because he personally believes Ibadan is the most suitable place for this kind of a continental crusade to kick off. However he seized the opportunity to solicit for the support of all well meaning Africans to ensure that TV Afrikana succeeds in its selfless effort to reposition our Africa.

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