Following the release of the new album “Bill Israel,” Kodak Black, Jackboy, and Tory Lanez unite on slick collaboration “Spain.”


Kodak Black has officially followed up his 2018 album Dying To Live with his first project in a minute, Bill Israel, released at midnight last night. While early reactions have been largely positive, many were curious to see how his previously teased collaboration with Tory Lanez would sound in full. It’s fair to say that Tory’s image has taken a resounding hit over the past few months, though many of his fans have chosen to remain unwaveringly loyal. Now, the Canadian artist has joined forces with another rapper well-familiar with controversy and legal woes — but how does their chemistry fare on wax?

The answer lies within “Spain,” a new track that finds Kodak Black, Tory Lanez, and Jackboy joining forces over a slick uptempo instrumental. Off the top, Kodak opts to pull back his delivery, simplifying his flow as he fires off his threats. Jackboy matches Kodak’s energy with a similar flow, and while that may annoy some hoping for a quicker delivery, it does help imbue the track with a cohesive vibe. Yet Tory has never been one to slow things down, closing things out with a dexterous performance. “Bitch, I’m out late with the shooters,” he raps. “If I got to jail and I’m making a spread then I’m taking your noodles.”

Check out “Spain” now, and be sure to show Kodak some love by checking out Bill Israel, his first release since being sentenced to forty-six months in prison last November.