Everybody is aware of the antecedents of the PMAN's issues, personalised by the self styled factional leader of the Performing Musician Employers Association PMAN in the person of Pretty Okafor, who has made it his pastime over the last 5 years to drag my name in the mud for cheap popularity, knowing he continually lied about the PMAN land matter. After presenting the evidence with the original documents and a legal search report done by the Federal Capital Territory Administration that the land (an offer of Statutory Right of Occupancy, not a certificate of Occupancy) to the court. Pretty Okafor continued to give false statement to blogs and newspapers. No, I said enough of that. I filed on Monday the 7th of December 2020 a 100,000,000.00 (one hundred million Naira) libel suit against Pretty Okafor for defamation of my character. Many publications and videos have been given to the Ikeja High Court. Here are some of my pleadings in the Law suit.

1) The publication of the malicious and defamatory statements about the Claimant Tee Mac by the Defendant Pretty Okafor has cast serious aspersions on the character and integrity of the Claimant, which has now been lowered in the sight of persons who hitherto held the Claimant in highest regard.

2) These defamatory statements have the effect of lowering the Claimant in the estimation of right thinking members of the society generally, it will expose him to hatred, contend or ridicule, it will cause other persons to shun or avoid him, it will discredit him in his Office, Trade or Profession and it will injure his Financial Credits.

3) He stated these statements severally knowing that they were false and reckless as to their truth or falsity, rather to benefit him as the factional PMAN President, who wants to curry members favour by blackmailing the Claimant.

4) The Claimant is a highly reputable member of the society who has achieved Professional, Business and Academic success, culminating in his being bestowed with a National Honor (MFR) by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, aside being a visiting Professor to a ivy league University in the United States.

5) The Claimant has built up a good name and reputation in the society and stand in high estimation both among his colleagues, business partners (Local and International), as well as members of the larger society.

6) The Claimant states that he has never at any time sold or attempted to sell the Property belonging to PMAN, rather he has taken efforts to have same re-allocated.

a. The Sum of N100,000,000.00 (One Hundred Million Naira Only) as Exemplary and General Damages for the Defendant’s act of defamation by the publication of libellous words.

b. AN ORDER directing the Defendant to write a Letter of Apology to be published in at least 3 (Three) National Newspapers circulated in all parts of Nigeria, specifically PUNCH Newspapers, The Nation Newspaper and THISDAY Newspapers.

c. AN ORDER directing the Defendant to forward a letter tendering unreserved apology to the Claimant within seven (7) days of the Judgment of this Honourable Court.

d. AN ORDER OF PERPETUAL INJUNCTION restraining the Defendant from further publishing or causing the defamatory words to be published.

After today I Dr. Tee Mac Omatshola ISELI (MFR) will not be talking about his matter again. SUBJUDICE.

Dr.TEE MAC Omatshola ISELI (MFR) co-founder and former PMAN President

Tee Mac at the Lagos High court on Tuesday 7th of December 2020, Lawyer Demola, Tee Mac, George Dureke and Barrister Kola Olapotju