A Nigerian man, Elijah Amusan, who has been residing in Italy and then moved to Germany over a period of five years, has cried out for help to return back to Nigeria.


The man who spoke in Yoruba, said he arrived in Italy in 2016 and had tried severally to get his papers to legally reside there but wasn't successful. According to Elijah, he later moved to Germany where he currently is, and desires to return home.  

''My name is Elijah Amusan. I came to Italy in 2016. I tried getting my documents since 2016 to no avail. I tried getting a lawyer as well to help me get my document, I couldn't obtain the document. 

I spent four years without a job or receiving any pocket money. I have come to beg everyone in Africa and in Nigeria to please rescue me so I can come back to Nigeria. 

I beg you in God's name to please help me to return back to Nigeria''


Watch his video below


by Linda Ikeji at 14/01/2021 3:51 PM
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Achidi about 1 hour ago

Where's that woman in charge of people in diaspora? Oya come and do ur work mbok.

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Muna Saphire about 1 hour ago

Some people don't just know how to hustle... Abike abeg bring back your brother....

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Ben about 1 hour ago

Village people at work, nawaoo

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Anonymous about 1 hour ago

Na wa o, it's really not easy for some people, even in abroad, unless u have God and someone who puts you through...

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SAINT TYNII about 1 hour ago

You tell us when you dey go nii ?

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Razor about 1 hour ago

this is terrible and some nigerians will sell everything to come to Europe and America. Have a concrete plan before you come. have a level of education. education is key. i doubt if the man is educated or has a skill to work with. Europe no be bread and butter ooo

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to yinke about 1 hour ago

When you reach abroad , you will understand the meaning of No where like Home. Safe journey back to Nigeria Elijah.

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Emma about 1 hour ago

Wahala dey oooo..... Who follow me perceive fish?

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Kenneth Mereole about 1 hour ago

Na lie, you die there

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Anonymous about 1 hour ago

U know what to do, walk into any police station in Germany

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John Enya about 1 hour ago

Wahala be like prick, e no dey hard to stand

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Anonymous about 1 hour ago

Ok brother, your payers has been answered, we will contact Abike, Diaspora mother

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